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For the dehusking of: durum wheat, soft wheat, barley, millet, sorghum, red lentils, peas, chickpeas, lupin.
The dehusking process is based on the principle of abrasion by means of grinding stones.
This machine consists of 3 basic parts:

- Drive;
- Main body, including the dehusking and separation chamber;
- Discharge hopper with adjustment device for product discharge.

The motor is fixed on a mobile plate and transmission is effected by means of belts and pulleys.
The main body consists of a sturdy steel sheet structure welded onto a metal supporting frame, complete with large inspection and maintenance doors with handles for quick and easy opening.
The processing chamber is inside the main body and it encloses a shaft holding the whole dehusking system.
The discharge hopper is fitted underneath the dehusking chamber and its distance from the processing chamber can be adjusted.
All dust and glumes obtained during the dehusking process are discharged by the aspiration system created by an external fan: they will then be recovered by normal dust collectors or filters.