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It effects a combined peeling and degerming operation of maize grains thus allowing the removal of both hull and germ.
Peeling and degerming operations are carried out inside a chamber of vertical cone shape.
The product is loaded into the side of the machine by a feed screw.
Fixed type conical chamber (stator) and shaft (rotor) which rotates on external supporting elements.
Thanks to the special shape of stator and rotor surfaces the grains will receive a friction action between the rotor and the stator besides a rubbing effect between themselves. This will allow the removal of both hull and germ.
The gap between stator and rotor can be adjusted, this will allow to change the inside volume of the working chamber and consequently the production yields for both quality and quantity.
The regular operation of the machine takes place when the working area (between rotor and stator) is fully occupied: this is possible thanks to a device placed at the discharge which allows the machine to download only the excess material maintaining the working area full.
The products separated during process (hull and germ) will pass through perforated screen sheets fitted on the stator. In order to have better results in product separation the external part of the stator is closed and aspirated.
Easy inspection and maintenance operations of both rotor and stator.