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It consists in a pair of special chilled cast iron rolls, with a surface hardness of 500-530 Brinell. The rolls diameter varies from 400 mm. to 1.000 mm with a variable length from 500 mm. to 1.200 mm.
Forged hubs duly hardened and machined fitted on strong supporting elements with self-aligning roller bearings capable to ensure high resistance to hard duties.
Sturdy structure, with thermal treatment for relaxation of tensions stretching caused by welding, duly machined in single piece.
Control and adjustment of rolls pressure by means of oleo dynamic cylinders and oleo dynamic station. These high capacity cylinders allow to work with low pressures and therefore ensure higher flexibility in the flaking process.
Oleo dynamic pistons also for the adjustment of the scrapers working pressure.
The shock absorbing system with compressed gas tanks will dampen the stiff thrust of the oleo dynamic cylinders and therefore protect the rolls and scrapers.
The product will be fed onto the flaking rolls by a feed roll with diagonal corrugations driven by a speed variator.
The main adjustment of product input is effected by a slide gate that will allow to regulate the thickness of the product flow to be proportioned by the feed roll.