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The mixer is used for intensive mixing process.
The particular shape of the rotor gives the product high fluidity and therefore the mixing process is similar to that of liquids.
The unit mainly consists of:

- Supporting structure;
- mixing chamber;
- inside rotor with relevant seals and supporting elements.

The supporting structure has large legs and two thick head plates duly bended and welded. The semicircular mixing chamber is complete with lid, product inlet and outlet and inspection door.
The discharge outlet is “double-door” type and is placed along the entire length of the mixer; it allows a quick discharge operation of the mixed product and consequently avoids internal accumulations.
Single shaft rotor with two double type and opposed mixing belts duly welded on it.
Shaft supporting elements in cast iron structure with roller bearing, fitted outside the mixer.
Adjustable pressing type packing with dehumidified air flow system.
Drive by means of motor and speed reducer. Transmission by belts and pulleys.