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Available from a single channel type unit with 10 sieves up to 8 channels with 30 sieves and with sifting surfaces from 6.5 m2 up to 65 m2.
The Square Sifter is formed by channels and each channel is complete with stacks of sieves that are prepared and fitted according to the specific sifting diagram.
The dimensions of the sieves vary from a minimum of 640 x 640 mm with interchangeable sieve of 560 x 485 mm to a maximum of 1.200 x 1.200 mm with interchangeable sieves of 980 x 980 mm.
Sturdy supporting structure in section irons duly welded and screwed up.
The drive group is fitted at the center of the structure and it holds a rotating shaft with an adjustable eccentric weight on roller bearings.
The sieve frames and the interchangeable sieves are made with first quality wood and can be equipped with stainless steel and nylon clothing while the trays are in smooth material with PVC cleaners.